Super important! Blackwater Ghost Submariner real or fake identification


As the saying goes, Rolex watches are so popular that they have become a big target for A-goods and cottage dealers. If you don’t look carefully, it’s easy to be fooled by the appearance of fake watches that can be messed up, but don’t worry, no matter how much A-goods, cottage and high replica watches look like, they are not Rolex originals after all, there will always be some technical loopholes that can be found. If you have any doubts, it is recommended that you don’t take it lightly, so that you don’t spend money and become an ingrate.

What are the details that can be observed to differentiate a genuine from a fake Rolex watch? Sam, a veteran watch connoisseur, will take the popular Black Marine as an example and compare the differences between genuine and fake watches one by one, pointing out that although fake watches nowadays can be made with a high degree of simulation, they are still unable to do exactly the same as the original due to cost and technical constraints. A Rolex watch can usually be identified as genuine or fake by the following external parts.

1. Hands

The hands of a fake watch may have an incomplete edge on the metal edge, even the luminous paint is not evenly applied, some will also spill out, even the surface of the hands will have badly processed scratches, we can observe with the help of a magnifying glass for the part of the hands, is a man or a ghost in a short time will see the difference, of course, the above-mentioned situation, in the real product will not allow this quality to appear.

2. Clasp

Rolex clasp after the revision of the more delicate, cottage table at present want to achieve the same level is not easy, as shown in the picture, the fake watch in the clasp of the internal surface of the polishing treatment will make people feel not too flat, this is because the fake watch polishing treatment is only for the sake of fast, before the metal surface has not been treated, that is, the surface is not flat enough in the case of hard to take the polishing will appear such a half-assed effect The watch is also polished from the end of the clasp.

In addition, from the end of the clasp can also be seen some clues, in this picture of the two ends of the A, B can be seen that its clasp is first made out of the two sides and the middle of the parts before they are connected, sometimes for the sake of speed and production, the fake watch parts will not be done perfectly, will reveal some small gaps, as opposed to the genuine will rely on very sophisticated instruments and watchmakers to confirm the two-pronged approach, in order to make the parts of the error The genuine article will rely on a combination of very precise instruments and watchmakers to ensure that the errors in the parts are minimised. In the same picture, in box C, you can also see that the links are small and not easy to work with, so the fake watch is not flat enough, but instead has a slightly curved shape.

In the same way, on the right-hand side of the clasp, the genuine “ROLEXSA” lettering has a black dot between O, E and X, and near the letters S and A. The oval shape of the outer frame of the lettering narrows to a point on both sides, while the counterfeit lettering on the left-hand side looks more streamlined and the oval shape is more rounded. The original is much more refined in detail.
There is another place where you can tell if a watch is genuine or not, and that is the inside of the clasp where the link is attached to the clasp as shown in the picture. If you get a new watch with similar irregularities on the inside of the clasp, it is likely that the watch did not come from the original hand, and there is no way for such quality to pass Rolex’s own quality control (QC) under normal circumstances.

3. The case

You can observe the surface of the lugs, regardless of the fineness of the brushed finish, and look at the two places near the edge of the bezel and the lugs. If you see a case like the one in the picture where the texture is already a bit deformed, you can usually decide that it is a fake watch. If it were a genuine watch, the original manufacture would have made every effort to make the lugs as round and consistent as possible during the production process.

If you don’t feel confident in looking at it, you can also “test it out” by taking the back side of the lugs and trying to scratch your arm (with a little force), under the same force, a genuine watch will at best leave your hand with red scratches, but a fake watch is likely to be like a knife The difference in finish between a genuine and a fake watch is obvious in this part of the watch.

In addition, you can also see the connection between the case and the strap, fake watches may appear several phenomena, including a large gap at a small, or a gap with a little beveled, or the edge of the parts appear hairy edge and so on, these are more incredible situation for the genuine product.

4. Ceramic ring

For example, the arrow in the picture points to a place where you can see that the font lines are very stiff, which means that the beveling process will not be applied again, so it does not look smooth enough. A fake watch will have a flaw if it is genuine.
These are the bases on which you can judge whether the Blackwater Ghost is a real watch or a fake watch, but of course these criteria can also be applied to other Rolex watches, only to say that the pursuit of fake watches is to do a roughly, the appearance can be made roughly like, but the details of the surface of the degree of care and the original factory can immediately distinguish between the high and low, buy a watch can never open their eyes, do not let the fake watch deceive their own eyes, spend the money but also This is not our intention to buy a watch.